Sol Sisters Founder Christine's work as a mental health professional sparked her interest in creating opportunities for women and girls to access healing and empowering services that differed from the traditional therapy setting. This stemmed from her role as counselor to low-income students where she realized that several families considered therapy taboo and often declined services due to cultural stigmas. In 2013, Christine called upon women in the Bay Area from various professional backgrounds and even greater hearts to help her expand her vision. In 2014, the Sol Sisters team began to work together to provide events to the community; the first being Revival: Bringing Back the Beauty Within, an empowering day for under-served women. Over 300 volunteers came together that year with makeovers and enriching workshops. As events progressed, the team began to integrate other forms of empowerment including physical fitness, arts and culture, and mental health initiatives. 

In 2015, Sol Sisters established a Board of Directors and helped refine Christine’s vision of holistic health to fit a four-quarter model consisting of: Expressive Arts, Physical Health,Mental Health, and Community Service. With the support of Legal Advisor, Barbara Kate Repa, Sol Sisters became an official 501c3 nonprofit later that year. In 2016 to present, SolSisters has established a leadership team that is responsible for the tasks that allow Sol Sisters to thrive and evolve through events and fundraisers. The heart and desire to serve women and girls continues to shine through each team leader. There is so much more to come for women in the Bay Area and beyond.


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