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We are a 501 c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing holistic health services in order to enrich, empower, and evolve women of all backgrounds. 

All proceeds from our events benefit the community work of Sol Sisters, Inc.


International Women’s Day Fest

In honor of International Women's Day, a globally recognized holiday that promotes a more inclusive, gender equal world, Sol Sisters, Inc. invites you to celebrate with us at our third annual International Women's Day Fest.

The day will consist of an expo-style feel in the main room with tables lined of local women vendors, accompanied by DJs, dancers, poets and musicians who will grace the stage to share their power through performance! We will also have a rotation of workshops facilitated by incredibly empowering women.

To ensure you get to fully participate in the day's events, childcare will be provided for the entirety of the event. Age appropriate activities will be provided for children ages 3-11. Tickets required for children 12+

Ticket proceeds go towards providing low income women and girls access to our events and services.


Bay Area Women’s

Emotional Wellness Series

As a part of Sol Sisters Inc.’s Physical Wellness focused quarter of 2019 we are launching the Bay Area Women’s Emotional Wellness through Yoga and Embodiment Series with trained healer and mental health professional Dani Fishman. This series will be free to all participants and will include twelve weekly two-hour sessions comprised of a combination of group discussion, talking circle, psycho-education, and a full hour yoga practice in each meeting.

We're a team of passionate givers. To do what we do, we need you! There are  THREE  ways you can support:

We're a team of passionate givers. To do what we do, we need you! There are THREE ways to get involved & support:

Step into our SOL world.

Follow our journey as we grow as an organization and how we connect with our community. 

Sol Stories worth sharing.

Here we feature stories of strength, resistance, self love & growth within our sister community.